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Artificial Intelligence

Smarter society / Environment

Yolo, intelligent green watching

Robot and artificial intelligence Yolo selects web content for you on green issues that are of potential interest to you.

Smarter society / Economy

Did you know?

France is ranked 5th in value in terms of global exports of robots (209.4 million dollars), behind Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. Source: Business France

Smarter society / Research

Game theory: definitely not child’s play…

What is game theory? It’s a field of mathematics that has been growing since the 1950s. What we call a “game” is an interaction situation where participants take decisions that impact others. Depending on the context, and on whether participants are acting simultaneously or sequentially, and according to the possibilities offered to them or what […]

Smarter society / Research

Between competition and cooperation: the scramble for knowledge

Grigory Antipov embarked on his studies in his native Russia. At Moscow University he first studied applied mathematics and computer science, before looking for information about field that might interest industry. That was in 2012. Back then, there was a lot of talk about data mining and machine learning, two emerging field that looked extremely […]

Smarter society / Innovation

Orange presents Artificial Intelligence

Better me / Connected Home

Let’s talk to our everyday objects…

“OK Djingo! What’s on TV tonight?” Speaking to an object that talks back to you – intelligently – used to be the stuff of Sci-Fi: no longer. Using Djingo, Orange customers will be able to access their carrier’s products and services via a text or voice-activated conversational interface. In the home, Djingo will spring into action […]

Smarter society / Artificial Intellingence

Here is the voice…

In 2016, Google published an edifying figure: 20% of its mobile search engine queries came from its voice assistant known as Google Assistant; a percentage that rose to 25% amongst the new Millennial Generation. Over at Apple’s, for the same time period, we learned that Siri had surpassed the order of a billion search queries… […]

Smarter society / Artificial Intellingence

Words of innovation : chatbot

Better me / Artificial Intellingence

S.A.R.A., the sensitive robot who improves people’s performance

Hello  S.A.R.A., what a lovely name! Thanks ! Its an acronym of Socially-Aware Robot Assistant, which means “socially attentive robot assistant” in French. These are my creators at ArticuLab at the university of Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, America, who gave me that name.  Despite being called a robot, I consider myself more of an artificual intelligence […]

Smarter society

Matthieu Liewig: when the house obeys the voice

Matthew Liewig began his career within the Group in 2000 as a developer. “At that time, Orange TV did not yet exist and ADSL had just been deployed.  Yet simplifying access, understanding and facilitating use were already for me the central issues in the design of services. “Today he is responsible for a research programme […]

Better me / Artificial Intellingence

Age researchers

Last spring the department specializing in visual recognition at Orange won the ChaLearn challenge based on recognizing the apparent age of individuals from images. The crowning glory of more than ten years of work.