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Welcome to tomorrow’s world.

A world in which research and innovation occupies and will occupy an increasingly decisive place. A world in which, under the impetus of new technologies and the digital world, everything accelerates at the individual level, as well as at the level of society and the planet.

This platform is where Orange is sharing its vision of the future, including its advances in research and innovation. This vision, which we have named “Human Inside”, guides our approach and is summed up in a simple formula: human beings as the starting and finishing point for our action.

Our goal is to make our innovations accessible to as many people as possible. Then technology, starting from human beings to serve human beings, is transformed into progress. We also want to promote innovative and responsible uses of digital technologies – prudent innovation – that improve everyday life for everyone.

The Human Inside platform is organized around three pillars.

« Better me ». We believe that technology must contribute to developing the potential of all of us, while guaranteeing our autonomy and control of our lives. We also believe that it must be accessible to as many people as possible. Finally, we want to ensure the development and protection of everyone’s digital capital.

« Smarter society ». This is another aspect of our belief that digital technology is a tremendous opportunity for us to build a smarter, more responsible society open to everyone. In so doing, it encourages the emergence of new forms of exchange and new social or market contracts.

« Augmented planet ». At Orange, we want our innovations to contribute to an increasingly connected but also well-balanced planet, a planet made smarter. And achieve this by working to preserve increasingly scarce natural resources.

Innovation and periods of transformation and acceleration have always raised questions. Our era is no exception. New questions, new answers – but always the same objective: to do our part in helping build tomorrow’s humanity.